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 Horizontal Blinds

Wood blinds are a great traditions in window coverings. Blinds can come in many great colors and rich stains. Wood blinds offer excellent light control and they are good insulators.You can get the blinds in rustic charm or weather looked. Wood slat sizes come in 1",2" and   2 1/2" slat. Blinds offer one one the highest degrees of light control, being able to tilt the slats up or down on the blinds are quiet a nice feature. Blinds are a traditonal product that will be around a long time.






 Arches can as showed in the picture below can come in blind slat material. They are an excellent compliment to our blinds to all the arches window out there. Arches can come in sunburst style or a regular type of slats. Arches are great for blocking the sun and protecting furniture and wood floors from UV rays.

Faux wood blinds offers alot of the same benefits as the wood blinds with a saving of about 35%. They are easier to clean and take care of than a wood blind. Our Blinds come in a 2"and 2 1/2" slats. Faux wood blinds has a lot of different colors and textures to choose from. Most of the faux wood blinds we sell are made locally in the Memphis Tn area. That helps a lot because we can get the blinds faster than using manufactures out of New Jersey or California. Since most of our blinds are made in the Memphis area, if by some slim chance something was not correct with the blinds we can get the blind fixed a lot of times that day. Other companies you might have to wait weeks.